Cop Feels Something Strange Over Shoulder, Floored When He Turns Around

In Florida, a Lake County cop was getting gas at night when he felt something strange behind him but brushed it off. As soon as he finished filling up his tank, he turned around to put the pump away and couldn’t believe what was happening right over his shoulder the entire time.

Deputy David Causey was alone on July 10 when he swung by the closest gas station. As he pumped his gas, he couldn’t help but notice a man nearby acting strange. He was looking around and seemed concerned with something, but the officer didn’t notice anything but the man acting amiss in the area. However, right as Causey was about to leave, he turned around and realized what the man was doing.

“I noticed this gentleman show up out of nowhere, standing behind my patrol car scanning the area (apparently better than I had been),” Causey later posted on Facebook about the unusual incident, Fox 8 reported. In the second it took him to turn around, the man was next to the officer with his hand out in front of him wanting to shake the officer’s hand, saying, “Thank you, sir, for what you do. I have your back.”

Cop Feels Something Strange Over Shoulder, Floored When He Turns Around
Casey DeLoach standing guard for Causey. Photo credit: Deputy David Causey

Without saying or doing anything more, the man ran back to his car across the parking lot and took off before Causey could get his name, but he was stunned when he later found out who this unsung hero was. “I just kind of stood there in shock, that an elderly man was willing to possibly put himself in danger to help me, a complete stranger,” Causey wrote, before learning that this wasn’t the fist time this man had a cop’s back.

Casey DeLoach is a 73-year-old Army veteran, who has mad it his personal duty and honor to protect cops when he sees them in a vulnerable gas station situation, ever since the 2015 slaying of Texas deputy Darren Goforth who was killed while putting gas in his patrol car.

Causey described the encounter with DeLoach as “amazing,” since for the first time in his career a civilian had his back when he spends every day having theirs, and with recent events, he has become a target for it. This elderly man has more grit and character than people half his age who want to kill cops. He knows what it means to leave no man behind, and even though it’s been years since he’s been on the battlefield, he’s found himself there once again in these very uncertain and troubling times.

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