WATCH: The only Major League Baseball Player To Kneel During The National Anthem Was Arrested After Allegedly Pointing A Gun.

Bruce Maxwell, the Major League Baseball player who made headlines in September 2017, for being the first in his organization to join the degenerates in the NFL in kneeling for the national anthem is in the news again. This time, the Oakland A’s aren’t releasing a statement in support of the cop-hating thug on their team after he embarrassed their brand and got hit with a dose of brutal karma he won’t soon forget, and rightfully so.

It might seem heavily opinionated to believe that the majority of cop-hating kneelers in professional sports have criminal tendencies or backgrounds, but that is exactly what Maxwell provided evidence for over the weekend. Maxwell is one of many degenerates who now fill the ranks of highly-paid sports franchises who took a knee to protest racial injustice and alleged police brutality at the hands of what they believe is an unfair law enforcement community and legal system.

The simple truth is that many pro-athletes have been told that they are victims for so long that they continue to believe it even after making millions off of the society in which they exist. How is that experience equivalent to being a victim? In my opinion, an example of a real victim is someone who is assaulted by a thug with a gun such as a woman Maxwell pulled his firearm on over the weekend.

Yes, it’s true. The Oakland A’s catcher Bruce Maxwell was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct for pulling his gun on a woman over the weekend and pointing at her, according to The Gateway Pundit. The vile thug pulled his gun on a female food delivery driver, according to Scottsdale Police Department.

The incident took place on Saturday, October 28, 2017, at approximately 6:08 p.m. According to Fox News, police are still investigating what led up to the incident after they arrested Maxwell.

Where are the kneelers protesting for women who have guns pointed in their faces by professional athletes? I won’t hold my breath waiting to see any in the NFL or MLB. Maxwell is thug who was blessed with a rare gift to play a sport that millions of people only dream of.

Regardless of his talent, the Oakland A’s catcher has proven that he hasn’t transcended his egocentric predicament and he still believes that he’s the victim in life. It’s funny to see that kneelers like Maxwell really hate the cops simply because they are criminals.

So far, Maxwell is the only player in MLB to take a knee for the national anthem. Someone should have told Maxwell that if you want to make an argument for any kind of perceived injustice, pointing a gun in an innocent woman’s face doesn’t look good. I hope the Oakland A’s have enough sense to rid their franchise of this vile thug before he drags their brand through the mud any further.

Going forward, the liberal media will undoubtedly do everything possible to give obscured information on this incident because it doesn’t fit their agenda. They, of course, are part of the problem, not the solution.

Our prayers go out to the innocent woman in Scottsdale, Arizona, who is dealing with the emotional trauma of having a thug threaten her at gunpoint. She is the real victim here, and we will take a knee for her — to pray that the thug who threatened her gets brought to justice and has his platform, which he ignorantly uses to protest law enforcement, stripped from him.
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